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John Pockett & Associates is an Adelaide, South Australia based consultancy which began in 1996 and works in the major fields of Industrial R & D, Research Commercialisation, Product & Process Improvements, high level Data Analysis, Mathematical Modelling and in Information Technology.

There was a recognition that small and medium companies do not always have the background and expertise to make themselves technologically innovative so that they can compete effectively locally or on a global basis.

Sometimes the needs are for new products or manufacturing processes. Sometimes what is needed is an innovative approach just in improving current products and processes. Often there are difficulties keeping up-to-date with the rapid changes that are taking place in information technology or taking Intellectual Property and commercialising it. What is aimed at with all the above is innovation combined with robustness of systems.

This is where John Pockett & Associates can be of help. John Pockett has a wide background in the above areas. He has worked in a range of industries so he is able to use his lateral thinking and analytic approach together with his experience to tackle problems in ways that are "Outside the box" of the narrow confines of many industries. Many people working in certain industries do not realise that some specific problems they have may often have been solved long ago in other industries.

John is able to draw on a network of colleagues where he does not have very specific expertise for a particular project. They work collaboratively on a project so that the client can be assured that they are getting the maximum benefit at all times.

Ronald Grill contributes his background in research commercialisation and his long involvement in the electronics industry.

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Last Updated: Thursday, April 05, 2018