John Pockett & Associates

Industrial Research & Development

John Pockett brings to the company a history of Industrial Research and Development spanning over 30 years. He has been the instigator of innovations in new product conception, prototyping and design for a range of industries. He has made similar innovations in new manufacturing processes in many industries.

The industries have covered image intensifiers, Gamma cameras, X-Ray image intensifiers, the paint industry, vacuum technology, photovoltaics, LCDs for laptop computers, the electronics industry, the printing industry spectacle lens manufacture and others.

Measuring techniques and equipment have been developed in a wide range of fields covering most of the above industries.

A patent has been granted at Australian, US and World levels as sole inventor for innovation the manufacture of colour LCD screens for laptop computers.

Intellectual Property has also been licensed in a patent in the printing industry.

A desire for continuing professional development meant that John has undertaken and recently completed parttime/fulltime an Applied Science PhD in materials science.

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Last Updated: Thursday, April 05, 2018