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Information Technology

There has been over thirty years of involvement in the Information Technology industry. This has involved programming in FORTRAN, PL/I, Basic, C, and Autocode K as well as scripting in a range of languages.

This has taken place under CDC, Sirius & IBM mainframes, Macs and PC environments. The PC based operating systems have varied from DOS 2.3 to 6.22, Windows 2.0 to 3.11, Windows 95/98/XP and WinNT (versions 4.0 and 2000).

Network Administration has taken place under Novell 3.12 and 4.x environments in small and large networks

Simple and effective automated backup systems have been created for office environments under DOS and Windows.

Hardware and software support has been given in a variety of Government agency, school, small and home office environments.

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Last Updated: Thursday, April 05, 2018