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Data Analysis & Mathematical Modelling

John Pockett's industrial R&D experience and his prosess & product improvement work combined with applied maths/statistics studies have resulted in a wealth of experience analysing data at a high level. He has found it useful to use Multiple Linear Regression, Response Surface Methodologies and other mathematical techniques to model complex processes. An example of the use of mathematical modelling, often combined with statistical analyses is the automatic selection of the correct pigments and their concentrations to precisely match the colours of paint samples for the automotive crash repair market. Another is the modelling of material evaporation onto a curved surface in a vacuum chamber to optimise the thickness and minimise the use of expensive materials being evaporated. A third is the modelling of lens power obtained from cast spectacle lenses where the polymer shrinks during curing distorting the complex moulds used in lens casting. Many other production processes can be modelled so that control over the process can be gained or production variables modified to result in more robust production outcomes. A service is offered here to adderss those possibilities.

Many businesses collect process or business information in the normal course of operation where that information is not being used effectively to operate the business in the optimal manner. A service is offered by John Pockett & Associates to address those needs and convert information into knowledge to drive the business into a more competitive mode.

A desire for continuing professional development meant that John has undertaken and recently completed parttime/fulltime an Applied Science PhD involving considerble data analysis and data modelling.

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Last Updated: Thursday, April 05, 2018